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Enjoy the bliss of a spotless living space.

After the completion of a construction project, the last thing you need is the stress of cleaning up the mess left behind. That’s where our post-construction cleaning services come in. At Koa Oasis Cleaning, we specialize in transforming construction sites into pristine and presentable spaces. Our expert team is trained to handle the unique challenges of post-construction cleaning, from removing dust and debris to deep cleaning surfaces. We meticulously clean every corner of your property, ensuring that it is safe, sanitary, and ready for occupancy. Trust us to take care of the final cleaning details, so you can focus on enjoying the results of your construction project.

  • ZThorough removal of construction debris and dust.
  • ZDeep cleaning of all surfaces, including walls, floors, and ceilings.
  • ZWindow cleaning, including removal of paint splatters and stickers.
  • ZPolishing and shining of all hardware, such as doorknobs and handles.
  • ZCarpet and upholstery cleaning to eliminate construction-related stains and odors.
  • ZCleaning and disinfection of air vents and ducts.
  • ZRemoval of construction adhesives and residue.
  • ZFinal inspection to ensure all areas meet high standards of cleanliness and safety.

Post Construction Cleaning working Process



A professional cleaning team visits the construction site to assess the scope of work and determine the specific cleaning requirements.


Intensive Cleaning

The second part of the post-construction cleaning process involves an intensive cleaning approach to tackle the accumulation of dust, dirt, and residue that commonly occurs during construction projects.


Final Touches and Inspection

The cleaning team pays attention to intricate details, such as corners, edges, and hard-to-reach areas, to ensure no spot is left untouched.


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